Production processes

Conventional milling, conventional milling, CNC milling, CNC milling, grinding (straight, round), Welding (CO2, electro, argon), heat treatment, chemical treatment of metals … are all part of our production processes!

Human resources

’’Šuvak Metal ’’Ltd. strives to invest daily in the training of workers through practical training, education and continuous learning. We respect employees as personalities and all their differences. The goal is also to maintain good and healthy relationships among employees. We want our employees to be proud of being part of a successful company, and ’’Šuvak Metal’’ Ltd. is proud of their employees’ knowledge and expertise. Employment ’’Šuvak Metal ’’ Ltd. has a very good cooperation with Kozarska Dubica Municipality, as well as the mixed high school “Nikola Tesla” in Kozarska Dubica, where as a result of this cooperation a class of “CNC operators” was formed, which during their education they practice in our company  and as the ultimate goal we all see their employment in our collective.The desire for learning, motivation to work and creativity are the most desirable characteristics of our staff.