The company was founded in 1989, as an independent craft shop with three employees. Production was performed on automatic machines and was based on the design and maintenance of machines and plants. “ŠUVAK METAL” Ltd., since its inception has been continuously expanding its capacities and activities, and today it is a company that has a very wide scope of production and services. The high level of service and willingness to respond to customer demands in the short term is one of the reasons why many domestic and foreign companies show us trust and offer business cooperation.

’’ ŠUVAK METAL’’ Ltd. headquartered in Kozarska Dubica, today it is a company that owns 40 conventional and 10 CNC machines with 25 experienced, but also young, ambitious and skilled professionals. With a long tradition, we have acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to produce the most complex parts and tools.

’’ŠUVAK METAL’’ Ltd. is constantly developing, which leads to intensive investment in human resources and modern technology, so that cooperation with our partners is at the highest technological level.